Symphony in C

Performing at Rutgers-Camden
Center for the Arts

Mailing Address:
PO Box 8610
Collingswood, NJ  08108

Administrative and Box Office:
576 Haddon Avenue
Collingswood, NJ 08108
Telephone: (856) 240-1503
Facsimile: (856) 240-1519

Stilian Kirov, Music Director
Pamela Brant, President

Alumni Members

“Symphony in C is to the Philadelphia Orchestra what the Vienna Symphony is to the Vienna Philharmonic (the former is sometimes credited with outplaying the latter).”
  David Patrick Stearns, The Philadelphia Inquirer, 2010

If you are an alumnus of Symphony in C, formerly The Haddonfield Symphony, we would love to hear from you. Please take a minute to email Pam Brant and let us know what you have been doing.

Alumni Appointments to Major Orchestras:

  • Jordan Anderson, Seattle Symphony - Principal Bass
  • Joe Assi, Sarasota Orchestra – Co-Principal Horn
  • Fora Baltacigil, Berlin Philharmonic - Section Bass
  • Nurit Bar-Josef, National Symphony Orchestra - Concertmaster
  • Jeffrey Beecher, Toronto Symphony - Principal Bass
  • Erik Behr, Rochester Philharmonic - Principal Oboe
  • Mary Bowden, Richmond Symphony - Trumpet
  • Jose-Maria Blumenschein, Vienna Philharmonic -Concertmaster
  • Ion Buinovschi, Turku Philharmonic (Finland) - Associate Concertmaster
  • Keith Buncke, Chicago Symphony Orchestra - Principal Bassoon
  • Catherine Cary, Richmond Symphony - Section Violin
  • Choong-Jin Chang, The Philadelphia Orchestra - Principal Violist
  • Xi Chen, The Kennedy Center Opera House Orchestra - Violin
  • Catherine Chen, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra - Principal Bassoon
  • Yi-Chun Chen, Hong Kong Philharmonic - Section Cello
  • Sifei Cheng, Minnesota Orchestra - Section Viola
  • Michael Chiarello, Toronto Symphony Orchestra - Associate Principal Bass
  • Daniel Chrisman, Austin Symphony - Contra Bassoon
  • John Clouser, The Cleveland Orchestra - Principal Bassoon
  • Nathan Cole, Chicago Symphony - Violin I
  • Samuel Compton, Memphis Symphony Orchestra - Principal Horn
  • Joseph Conyers, Philadelphia Orchestra - Assistant Principal Bass
  • Ryan DiLisi, San Diego Symphony - Principal Timpanist
  • Rainer Eudeikis, Utah Symphony - Principal Cello
  • Abraham Feder, Sarasota Orchestra - Principal Cello
  • Mara Gearman, Seattle Symphony - Section Viola
  • Eliso Gegeshidze, Kirov Orchestra (Russia) - Violin II
  • Ariana Ghez, Los Angeles Philharmonic - Principal Oboe
  • Alan Gilbert, New York Philharmonic - Music Director
  • Marylene Gingras-Roy, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra - Section Viola
  • Jennifer Godfrey, Seattle Symphony - Section Bass
  • Peter Greydanus, Richmond Symphony - Section Cello
  • Sorin Guttman, Fort Worth Symphony - Section Viola
  • Gene Hahn, Grand Rapids Symphony - Section Violin`
  • Alexander Hanna, Chicago Symphony Orchestra – Principal Bass
  • Monica Hanulik, Colorado Symphony Orchestra - Assistant Principal Oboe
  • John Harrison, Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra (New Zealand) - Section Bass
  • Daniel Hege, Syracuse and Wichita Symphony Orchestra – Music Director
  • Nate Hepler, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra - 2nd Trumpet
  • Harrison Hollingsworth, New York City Ballet - Principal Bassoon
  • Kate Holzemer, Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra - Section Viola
  • Meesun Hong, Zurich Opera House (Switzerland) - Violin
  • Hung-Wei Huang, Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra (Korea) - Principal Violist
  • Mei Ching Huang, New York Philharmonic - Section Violin
  • Adam Iascone, Seattle Symphony - Section Horn
  • Pavel Ilyashov, Virginia Symphony - Section Violin
  • Shachar Israel, The Cleveland Orchestra - Assistant Principal Trombone
  • Meredith Johnson, Winnipeg Symphony - Principal Bass
  • Andrew Karr, The Florida Orchestra - Horn II
  • Yumi Kendall, The Philadelphia Orchestra - Assistant Principal Cello
  • Sylvia Kim, The Pittsburgh Symphony – Violin I
  • Amy Kniffen, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra - Section Viola
  • Allan Kolsky, Syracuse Symphony Orchestra - Principal Clarinet
  • Sylwia Konopka, Polish National Opera (Poland) – Concertmaster
  • Gabriel Kovach, The Phoenix Symphony - Principal Horn
  • Todd Kuhns, Oregon Symphony - Assistant Principal Clarinet
  • Jeremy Kurtz, San Diego Symphony - Principal Bass
  • Paul LaFollette, Richmond Symphony - Acting Principal Horn
  • Austin Larsen, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra - 3rd Horn
  • Eric Larson, Houston Symphony - Section Bass
  • Gregory Lecoeur, Orchestra del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino (Italy) - Timpani
  • Michael Lelevich, The Dallas Opera - Assistant Principal Bass
  • Ryan Leveille, Charleston Symphony Orchestra - Principal Percussion
  • Ze Yu Victor Li, New York Philharmonic - Section Violin
  • Lei Liu, The Florida Orchestra - Assistant Concertmaster
  • Jason Markzon, Fort Wayne Philharmonic - Principal Percussion
  • Ian Maser, North Carolina Symphony - 2nd Trombone
  • Daniel Matsukawa, The Philadelphia Orchestra - Principal Bassoon
  • Momoko Matsumura, Hartford Symphony Orchestra - Section Violin
  • Megan McBride, Basel Symphony Orchestra (Switzerland) - Horn
  • Anthony McGill, New York Philharmonic - Principal Clarinet
  • Simon Michal, Chicago Symphony Orchestra - Section Violin
  • Eric Millstein, Lyric Opera of Chicago; Grant Park Symphony - Percussion
  • Elliott Moreau, Pacific Symphony – Second Bassoon
  • Marvin Moon, The Philadelphia Orchestra - Section Viola
  • Katherine Needleman, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra - Principal Oboe
  • Angela Nelson, The Philadelphia Orchestra - Percussion/Asst. Timpanist
  • James Nova, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra - Second/Utility Trombone
  • Alexandra Osborne, National Symphony Orchestra - Section Violin
  • Philip A. Pandolfi, The Pittsburgh Symphony - Bassoon
  • Jayna Park, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra - Second Violin
  • Todor Popstoyanov, La Orquestra de la Comunitat Valenciana (Spain) - Horn
  • Philip Powell, Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra – Bass
  • Wen Qian, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra - Violin I
  • Gregory Raden, Dallas Symphony Orchestra - Principal Clarinet
  • Rene Reder, Alabama Symphony Orchestra - Section Viola
  • Carolyn Riley, Pacific Symphony - Section Viola
  • Kevin Roberts, Philharmonic Orchestra of Santiago (Chile) - Principal Trombone
  • Evan Rogister, Deutsche Oper Berlin (Germany) - Principal Assistant Conductor
  • Brian Santero, New York City BalletPrincipal Trombone
  • Christopher Schnell, Sarasota Orchestra - Assistant Principal Cello
  • Charles Settle, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra - Section Percussion
  • Burke Shaw, Houston Symphony - Section Bass
  • Billy Short, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra - Principal Bassoon
  • Ryan Simmons, San Diego Symphony - Bassoon II
  • Brian Smith, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra - Section Bass
  • Lisa Steltenpohl, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra - Principal Viola
  • Christopher Stingle, New Jersey Symphony Orchestra - Trumpet II
  • Jack Sutte, The Cleveland Orchestra - Trumpet
    Stephen Tavani, The Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia - Concertmaster
  • William Theis, Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (Malaysia) - Co-Principal Trumpet
  • Mark Timmerman, New Jersey Symphony Orchestra - Bassoon II
  • Kenneth Tompkins, Detroit Symphony Orchestra - Principal Trombone
  • Daniel Turcina, Trondheim Symphony and Trondheim Soloists (Norway) - Violin
  • Wyatt Underhill, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra - Associate Concertmaster
  • Alexandra von der Embse, Richmond Symphony - Oboe
  • Jonathan Vinocour, San Francisco Symphony - Principal Viola
  • Robert Walters, The Cleveland Orchestra - Oboe
  • Chi Zong Wang, National Symphony Orchestra (Taiwan) - Principal Horn
  • Meng Wang, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra - Section Viola
  • Stephen Werczynski, The Philadelphia Orchestra - Section Viola
  • John Whitener, Royal Scottish National Orchestra - Principal Tuba
  • Anthony Wise, San Antonio Symphony - Principal Trombone
  • James Lee Wyatt III, San Francisco Symphony - Percussion
  • Yu Yuan, The Cleveland Orchestra - Section Violin
  • Shanshan Yao, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra – Violin I
  • Yao Guang Zhai, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra – Principal Clarinet
  • Wenmin Zhang, North Carolina Symphony-Assistant Principal

Other Members:

  • Kazem Abdullah, International Guest Conductor
  • Soo Bae, Cello Soloist, Chamber Musician, Naxos Recording Artist
  • Jason Calloway, Biava Quartet - Cellist
  • Karina Canellakis, Chamber Musician, Violin Soloist
  • Nicholas Canellakis, Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center II – Cellist
  • Emily Deans, Caramoor Festival Rising Stars, Primrose Viola Competition, Second Prize
  • Anthony Devroye, Avalon String Quartet - Viola
  • Timothy Fain, Violin Soloist, Chamber Musician, Avery Fisher Career Grant recipient 2001
  • Elizabeth Fayette, Vega Quartet - 1st Violin
  • Rodolfo Fischer, International Guest Conductor
  • Jose Franch-Ballester, Clarinet Soloist, Avery Fisher Career Grant recipient 2008
  • Paul Haas, Sympho - Artistic Director and Conductor
  • Mark Holloway, Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center II – Violist
    Caleb Hudson, Canadian Brass - Trumpet
  • Stephanie Jeong, Paganini Violin Competition 2008 (Genoa, Italy) - Top Prize Winner
  • Erin Keefe, Chamber Musician, Violin Soloist, Avery Fisher Career Grant recipient 2006
  • Nicholas Kendall, Violin Soloist, Chamber Musician, Time for Three
  • Michael Klotz, Amernet Sting Quartet - Viola
  • Priscilla Lee, Avery Fisher Career Grant recipient 2008 - Cellist
  • Benjamin Shwartz, International Guest Conductor
  • Josef Spacek, First Prize at the Michael Hill International Violin Competition 2009

      From our Musicians:

      Symphony in C and I crossed paths at the perfectly opportune moment in my life. The chance to really start to work as a professional conductor for me, to be able to go through an enormous amount of repertoire, and present extremely high level of performances - that’s what every young conductor is looking for, and every young musician who’s trying to play in an orchestra. And if I hadn’t had it in Symphony in C, I think it would have been much more of a struggle to look around, because somehow I would have had to find it, and I didn’t have to do that difficult search, because it was right there for me.

        Alan Gilbert,
      Music Director, New York Philharmonic


      In the five years of my tenure as its principal trombonist, Symphony in C was like a greenhouse for me. Through highly demanding professional expectations in a nurturing environment it opened my eyes to the beauty of orchestral music while giving me the tools to handle the challenges faced by an orchestral musician. The institution is a job, a school and a family all at once. Working with a motivated group of musicians under the guidance of a top notch music director presented me with years of enjoyment and musical development. Looking back I can wholeheartedly say that my time with the orchestra has been an immeasurable professional as well as personal stepping stone.

      Shachar Israel, Assistant Principal Trombone, The Cleveland Orchestra


      Playing with Symphony in C was a major influence in my decision to pursue an orchestral career, for its high musical quality, its professional rehearsal-to-performance schedule, and my enjoyment of making music with fellow students and colleagues. Now, years later, as I greet old music I saw for the first time as a member of Symphony in C, I find myself grateful to the Symphony for giving me the opportunity to learn this music as well as I did that first time around. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

        Yumi Kendall,
      Assistant Principal Cello, The Philadelphia Orchestra


      Having the opportunity to play with fantastic musicians of the orchestra and an amazing music director, Rossen Milanov, had a tremendous impact on my musical development. My experience as principal bass of Symphony in C has contributed so much to my success as the principal bass of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Rossen Milanov is an amazing musician, conductor and person. I feel extremely lucky to have had an opportunity to work with maestro Milanov.

        Alexander Hanna,
      Principal Bass, Detroit Symphony Orchestra


      I joined Symphony in C my last year at Curtis and right after I had won my first position in a professional orchestra with the Cincinnati Symphony. Getting the professional experience of playing with the great musicians of the orchestra, I got a great head start. I was able to go into that experience knowing what it felt like to play in the "real world". These experiences were musically some of my fondest memories during my early professional years, and I will never forget how valuable they are to me. I excelled from then on in part because of the high quality of the orchestra.

        Anthony McGill,
      Principal Clarinet, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra


      While I was in college as a non-music major, playing in Symphony in C was one of my most important musical outlets. It was a rare chance for me to play in a high-level orchestra with many very talented young musicians, and it was a group in which I met many of the musicians that I am still friends with and collaborate with in other settings.

        Jonathan Vinocour,
      Principal Viola, San Francisco Symphony


      Symphony in C gives many young musicians a unique glimpse into the "real world" of professional music making - preparation time for concerts was like that of any professional orchestra. At the same time, the inspiring leadership of Maestro Milanov made the sometimes overwhelming process not only doable but fun! I've run into Symphony in C alumni in orchestras all across the country. Thank you Symphony in C for supporting us in our musical endeavors as well as setting up a musical network - relationships that will last throughout our musical careers.

        Joseph Conyers,
      Section Bass, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra


      Playing with Symphony in C meant a lot for my orchestral career. During my time with the orchestra I learned a lot of repertoire, gained understanding of how a great orchestra should sound, and most importantly had so much fun making music with all my friends there and a very supportive audiences.

        Mei Ching Huang,
      Section Violin, New York Philharmonic


      Symphony in C gave me my first professional experience as concertmaster, along with adventurous programming and a wonderful music director in Daniel Hege. I'll never forget the excitement of playing Ein Heldenleben with the orchestra, pulling for my colleagues while knowing that they were wishing me well. After playing there, I knew that I had made the right decision in pursuing an orchestral career.

      Nathan Cole, Violin I, Chicago Symphony Orchestra


      As my first actual contracted job in a professional orchestra, I couldn't have asked for a better start than Symphony in C. My exciting time there under then music director Alan Gilbert was a wonderful chance to make music in a nurturing environment. I look back on my concerts there with much respect and thanks as it was a cornerstone of the experience I needed to succeed in my career. That being said... I had a ton of fun there as well!

        James Nova,
      Second/Utility Trombone, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra


      Due to the compact, intense and exhilarating rehearsal and concert schedule while performing with the Symphony in C, I felt more prepared for the demanding and consistently high level of artistry required on a weekly basis as a professional orchestral musician. I remember my time fondly.

        Erik Behr,
      Principal Oboe, Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra


      Training orchestras in the United States are few and far between, but Symphony in C leads the way with its world-class musicians, conductors, and administration. This orchestra has afforded me opportunities that are rare in today’s classical music world. Playing with musicians who all adhere to the same high standard of their craft, and rehearsing on a schedule made to mimic that of a professional orchestra, have allowed me to hit the ground running in my own professional career.

        Christopher Stingle,
      Second Trumpet, New Jersey Symphony Orchestra


      Symphony in C combines the youthful enthusiasm of a conservatory orchestra with the maturity and musical standards of a professional ensemble. Without the challenging yet nurturing training I received here, my first years in the NYC Ballet would have been remarkably more difficult.

        Harrison Hollingsworth,
      Principal Bassoon, New York City Ballet Orchestra


      Three years of playing with Symphony in C was such a great training experience for me. I learned how to prepare for rehearsals and performances as an orchestra player. Also the repertoire was great, I learned so many of the major orchestral pieces, and today that experience helps me infinitely as a professional orchestra player. I am very grateful that I could play with Symphony in C in the beginning of my career.

        Momoko Matsumura,
      Section Violin, New Haven and Hartford Symphony Orchestra


      I loved my experience of performing with Symphony in C while also learning a lot of repertoire. Working with Rossen Milanov (one of the best conductors I experienced in my life), other young musicians at the highest professional level developed in me a great passion for orchestra music making.

        Daniel Turcina,
      Section Violin, Trondheim Symphony. Trondheim Soloists (Norway)


      Symphony in C gave me the opportunity to play alongside some of the most talented young musicians in the country. The other musicians inspired me to become even better. It was a fun experience that helped give me further understanding of my role in the symphony orchestra. Maestro Milanov treated us like professionals and I gained a lot of musical insight from his leadership.

      Elliott Moreau,
      Assistant Principal Bassoon, Pacific Symphony